Warframe - Daily Tribute - Weapons & Primed Mods (Overview)

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Аватарка ugly bastard
ugly bastard 15 минут назад
Cobra and crane also have the shield throw now so sigma and octantis it's useless
Аватарка Pepe
Pepe 29 минут назад
ugly bastard lol, sigma and octantis is a straight up better version of the cobra and crane regarding stats and the quirks of the weapon. Throwing the sigmau2019s shield will open an enemy up to finishers, which is a great way to deal with high health targets, whereas the craneu2019s shield throw only knocks them down. Ground finishers are significantly worse than true finishers, not to mention cobrau2019s lack of slash dmg and low crit stats, making it an underwhelming status weapon, whereas sigma can act as either pure crit, hybrid, or status, due to its much better mix of stats.
Аватарка awioh;gekn ,
awioh;gekn , 35 минут назад
is there a way to get my azima back?
Аватарка awioh;gekn ,
awioh;gekn , 46 минут назад
i deleted it when i didnt have any slots
Аватарка daniel lison
daniel lison 64 минут назад
Fuck I pick the rifle first
Аватарка Quatrei Quorizawa
Quatrei Quorizawa 78 минут назад
I chose the zenith based on the descriptions... an man is it so worth it. my fave wep for almost every situation
Аватарка Shady Frost
Shady Frost 99 минут назад
so the sigma and octantis make you captain america but with a sword cool
Аватарка Malefus The berdst frient
Malefus The berdst frient 108 минут назад
The zenith punch through is bae
Аватарка Mk.z
Mk.z 122 минут назад
Eh? First of all I'm pretty sure all sword and shield have an areal shield throw attack, secondly, the zenith IS quite potent, it can be both a great status chance spray rifle, or alternatively a crit rifle that lets you shoot through walls, doing good damage and staying safe (which is really useful for high levels).. Also pretty good for camping corridors, especially with a volt shield.
Аватарка The Mancunian
The Mancunian 144 минут назад
lo this system is pants, sure if you played a game from day one great for you folk, i gamed for many years and played games excessive years but this system for rewards lmfao, im roughly 300 days old but i only have 150 plus login days due to have a life and injury. To be fair i play the game but in no rush to aquire them, zenistar good enough.
Аватарка David Silva
David Silva 155 минут назад
Seeing those fake Sigma & Octantis owners are great.
Аватарка WARZONE /Babybonez
WARZONE /Babybonez 167 минут назад
When do you get these
Аватарка videoradeon
videoradeon 181 минут назад
this weapons need prime version!
Аватарка MoneyMaker
MoneyMaker 203 минут назад
If you do that you kill the login reward lmaoo nty
Аватарка Francesco Casillas
Francesco Casillas 210 минут назад
Are they still available to get?
Аватарка Francesco Casillas
Francesco Casillas 221 минут назад
+dat koosh ok thanks
Аватарка dat koosh
dat koosh 245 минут назад
Francesco Casillas The Azima, Zenith, Zenistar are available once you reach your 100th daily login, but you can only choose one of em, Once you picked your choice you'll have to wait till the 300th or 400th daily login reward to choose one of the remaining two, at your 500th or 600th daily login you can only choose the remaining one.
For example: 1st one you chose Zenistar, In the 2nd one you can only choose between the Zenith or Azima, in the 3rd one you can only choose the Azima.
And that's basically it.
Аватарка Francesco Casillas
Francesco Casillas 263 минут назад
+dat koosh Thanks.
Do you know when exactly they are available to be recieved?
Аватарка dat koosh
dat koosh 280 минут назад
Francesco Casillas Pretty sure they'll never leave.
To answer your question, Yes you can still get em
Аватарка BlueStriker101
BlueStriker101 296 минут назад
I dislike the ludicrous login requirements to get these items. 1000 logins is literally more than 3 years...for items that honestly aren't even that great. I would rather spend all my money on mod packs than spend all my time getting worthless and ugly weapons
Аватарка Billions of Blue Blistering Barnacles
Billions of Blue Blistering Barnacles 315 минут назад
You complain even while calling them worthless, but I'm pretty sure you'd just complain harder if they were the most powerful weapons in the game.
Аватарка Baan616
Baan616 327 минут назад
>im a big baby and i want everything and i want it NOW
Аватарка jibril
jibril 345 минут назад
Than don't get them lol there ar plenty of other weapons to choose from lol
Аватарка SaviorOfStuff
SaviorOfStuff 356 минут назад
Wtf you get Zenistar at day 100 now thats so dumb I had to wait my 300 days (Im at day 371 now :p)
Аватарка SaviorOfStuff
SaviorOfStuff 364 минут назад
+Demonitized If you've already past the set amount of days before the update you still gotta wait till day 300
Аватарка Demonitized
Demonitized 378 минут назад
Wait is it only redeemable every 100 days?
Аватарка Demonitized
Demonitized 401 минут назад
I'm at day 183, how tf do I not have it?
Аватарка Andrew Conlan
Andrew Conlan 406 минут назад
i still regret throwing away my Azima and Zenistar, i needed the space but i didn't know at the time i wouldn't be able to get them back v.v
Аватарка Dark Thoughts
Dark Thoughts 423 минут назад
I'd probably contact support at that point...
But seriously, wtf dude.
Аватарка Kordell Cunningham
Kordell Cunningham 447 минут назад
I'm definitely getting primed Vigor next as I need that mod to help bring my immortal Inaros build to its greatest stats.
Аватарка Safetyman99
Safetyman99 459 минут назад
Wouldn't it be better to put on the Umbral health mod vs Vigor since the shield portion would be wasted? I put on the two energy restore mods (when you take damage) and I never run out of energy.
Аватарка Marc Rice
Marc Rice 475 минут назад
What day log ins do you unlock these weapons? I'm on 230 and only have azima
Аватарка John kakouris
John kakouris 486 минут назад
this fucking sucks, ive been daily logging in just to get zenistar and now they are givving it out like that?
Аватарка Will4May
Will4May 493 минут назад
The Sigma & Octantis is an amazing melee, with a BIG flaw, the shield throw is a pain in the backside, if you are 1mm off the ground it will throw the shield, you cannot slam enemies if dropping from above, and you cannot melee until the shield has returned either, leaving you vulnerable, I was in another players Limbo bubble and accidently used it off the ground, the shield just sat there in mid air spinning, which looked funny but meant I couldnt melee at all until the bubble dropped or past where the shield was.
I have a nice riven for it, this melee will kill prety much anything even over lvl 100 as long as you keep the multiplier up, but that shield throw just isnt worth the hassle so I dont run with it anymore, though it does look good for fashion frame.

Zenith is pretty good, but theres better weapons unfortunetly.

Zenistar is great for defense missions, or if you are camping in a survival, get a riven on it with range though, mirage hall of mirrors makes it throw out multiple discs too, not much use for other missions as its too slow to fire the disc out and you can get killed while throwing it back out after it returns, but you can return it sooner if you want with the same action.

Azima is pretty good, but dmg drops off quickly even with a good riven, multishot will fire 2 discs out at the same time.
Аватарка The Christopherous
The Christopherous 507 минут назад
The Zenith is still my favourite